Working Mother’s Performance Review Highlights Challenge For Mothers


Recently Chicco, as part of its NaturalFit #Neverstopgrowing campaign, released a video of a working mom receiving a performance review that has since gone viral. It’s hit a nerve because it resonates with the stress and pressure so many working mothers feel as they strive to give everything both at work and at home.

“The insight for the overall campaign was born when we uncovered research that revealed the ‘emotional tug of war’ mothers (and fathers) face,” said Brenda Liistro, General Manager of Feeding & Care for Chicco USA, a multi-category baby brand company. “Ultimately, moms are performing many roles, but they don’t believe they are performing any role as well as they would like.”

The problem highlighted in the video is that women can feel like they don’t have enough time or energy to excel in both areas. Further, some women actually leave the workforce because they can’t find work that allows them to keep the necessary focus on their family.

Working mothers are commanding more flexible working arrangements in order to balance home and their career (Credit:

Working mothers are commanding more flexible working arrangements in order to balance home and their career (Credit:

Outdated Societal Norms Are Still Driving Workplace Behavior

According to 2016 numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 60.6% of families with children have both parents working outside the home. The reality is that, in many families, the option for one parent to stay home with children is non-existent, or incredibly difficult.

One company, Werk, has made it their mission to help top talent, including working mothers, looking for flexible work find high quality opportunities with companies hiring for those roles.

 “Our workplace norms have not been updated since the industrial era, when workers worked 9-to-5 in a single space, at a single company, over the course of their lives,” said Annie Dean, Cofounder and Co-CEO of Werk, the destination for flexible work opportunities for ambitious job seekers. “Except in rare cases, one parent remained at home. None of these things are true anymore, and we badly need to update our corporate policies so that they are better aligned with modern realities.”

Further, there’s a deeper troubling trend under the covers of working and non-working mothers. High achieving working mothers are dropping out of the workforce when they’re unable to excel in both work and family life.

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